I started off this blog with some accidental TP-ing to places I randomly search or happened to poke into.

And this time round, I pop into The Pocky - Yes! The O.K. Pocky! :D

It was a Valentine's Day Special (Sorry for the late late-ness) which theme of houses made from different kind of Pocky. Starting from just a delicious stick of Choc coated Stick of Pocky to now, coming in various variety, using of different choc, cream, biscuits - Pocky still remains as its own form - a stick of yummy snacks.

~The Original~

~The Strawberry Sweet~

~The Marble Twist~

~The Crashy Crush~

~The Milky Maiden~

~The Dessert Elegance~

I Luv Pocky xxx!!!

Butterfly Times

Just how long have I been away?

RL has been catching up since I started my new job and seriously, the luxury of being in SL has been rare.

But this photo... tells me how much I have miss the virtual world and what it has in the vast space. (Not forgetting the powerful graphic card I have right now!)

It's time... *TADAIMA*

Girls Will Be Girls

Girls will be Girls and what is a girl best therapy in life (both virtual and reality) is SHOPPING!!!!!

YES! Shop, shop shop! Too bad we can't eat in SL, if not, that will be it - Shop and Eat!

The usual hard-disk summer cleaning left me with astonishment. I have so many photos of MYSELF. Just ME!

Well, I guess when you have a wardrobe fit for any bitch on earth, yeah, you will take that same amount of photos. Haahaa...
So now... An exhibit of

Jo & Herself
~Thank you and Drool~

Showing off my New Hairdo

Box me

I LOVE this shot!!! Dirty & Sexy

Ever so like my legs

Shower in Suntec

Mouse Me

Pink is so not my color, I look like...

Stuck In a Dump

Heavenly Manga

In Deep Thoughts

Funky Time
It's Men Clothings

What Can I Say...
I'm in Shit

A Note From My Idol

Yes, in SL, I do have an Idol.

Remember my earlier article on Tiny World organised by a Jap creator, Nobunaga Ogee? One day, I was just playing with my tp and landed myself back the the venue, knowing the fact that the event was way over and I might be facing a piece of empty land.

Indeed it was empty but I met someone. I met Nobunaga Ogee himself!

I so want to marry his brain

Although I had learnt Japanese for a year odd, ages ago, I really couldn't bring myself to complete a sentence without inserting English in. Hahahaa... In the end, I gave up and used blabber instead. While I was expressing my admiration to him, I thought that actions speaks louder than words and I did this.... I change into one of his latest creations AV, which I personally name it - GIANT PINK SPERM. Hahahaaa

That's Me! *The Pink one, not the Plant!*

IMMEDIATELY, his friend who was present there, said: 'Oh! It's your customer.'

The bottom line, he knew I love his creations and he blogged about me. *Nearly fainted with excitment*

Look how small the world can be in SL and so vast to get lost in one.

Mexico ~Chichen Itza~Archeologic, Visit Mexico

Do you know of the 7 wonders of the world? Namely The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Stonehenge, Great Wall of China, etc.

Now, do you know of the voting of the New 7 wonders of the world? Heehee... I don't, until I accidentally tp into here.

This Sim is done up by the Tourism of Mexico, promoting Chichen Itza, an ancient site built by the Maya civilization, as the potentially New 7 wonders of the world. Very good advertising way of promoting but what makes me blog about here are 2 things they have done.

1. They really seriously created replica of Chichen Itza.
2. They have one of the most sophisticated tour for the Sim, very detailed introduction of the Maya civilization and the structures.

Bravo! Bravo! The outstanding effort definitely win my vote and after reading all the possible materials i can get over the net, a good understanding of how useful my vote will be and what we are preserving on this planet earth.

The Tour Butterfly

My New Found Friend - The Donkey

A German friend of mine told me that the publicity the Germany media portrays was SL is all about Sex and Money. I can't agree more but I can disagree a LOT MORE. Sex and Money has all along been humans greatest Crave and Guilt but SL is not JUST about those - just look how people created amazingly stunning educational materials just to keep this world connected. I would never know about Chichen Itza if it's not for the SL coverage, and I would definitely be in my 'Must Visit' place in my RL Travelogue.

Visit the Sim to experience the place virtually or visit the website to vote for the new 7 Wonders of The World (http://www.new7wonders.com ).

More pictures here.